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Pumpkin Pie Crumb Bars

You might be looking at this post thinking I’m getting way ahead of myself. Maybe I am, but I blame those candle stores at the mall. You walk past their store and smell the scent of spiced pumpkin pie, but seriously people where’s is the pumpkin pie? I want the real thing. Those candles may smell good but definitely not as good as the real thing. Or maybe it’s just knowing that when you are smelling the real thing there’s actually something you’ll get to eat and enjoy not just smell. I have a love hate relationships with those candles, they just make me want the food all day. Really I’d be happy to post a pumpkin recipe any day of the year. I don’t understand the people that say they are getting excited for pumpkin recipes but aren’t ready for it quite yet. I’m ready for it any day of the year. I like seasonal baking but really, baking outside of the season once in a while is fun too. It seemingly transports you to an alternate season for a moment. And it often reminds us of good times. O…

Chocolate Sheet Cake

This addictive Chocolate Sheet Cake is simply everything. The secret is in the double cocoa (yes, double!), whipped chocolate cream topping, and fresh strawberries. This is the best chocolate cake! Homemade Chocolate Sheet CakeLife needs chocolate, period. Would I survive without chocolate? Maybe. Would I be an enjoyable person without chocolate in my life? No. Does that make me an emotional eater? Probably, but I’m cool with that. Really though, I love love love chocolate, and I also love love love chocolate cake! It is, after all, two of the absolute best foods combined into one so of course that makes it one of the most epic things in the world of food, right? I think it’s safe to say this chocolate sheet cake recipe will have everyone swooning! Why is this homemade chocolate cake any different from all the other sheet cake recipes out there? Because I’ve always doubled the cocoa from that in the classic chocolate sheet cake recipe and it makes it 1,000 times better! I mean, 1/4 cup coco…