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These spinach and ricotta dumplings are super easy to make, and can be served either as an elegant vegetarian dish for guests, or as a hearty weeknight dinner!

It’s not often I share a super elegant dish like these spinach and ricotta dumplings, and you could be forgiven for thinking they’re only suitable for fancy dinner parties with guests who you want to impress. But before you click away, thinking you’re nowhere near posh enough for a recipe like this, let me reassure you – these dumplings are super easy to make, and if you don’t want to plate them up beautifully, they’re just as good eaten from a bowl in front of the telly (which, if I’m honest, is how I eat 90% of my meals). VEGETARIAN DUMPLINGSI don’t discriminate when it comes to dumplings – I love all kinds. Chickpea dumplingssuet dumplingspotato dumplings… if you’re a dumpling, you’re welcome in my house (/belly). These spinach and ricotta dumplings are lighter than a lot of the dumplings I’ve made previously – the recipe is…


This Mexican bean and potato bake is a hearty, satisfying one pot dinner with plenty of fresh veg!

If you asked me what my ideal meal would be, it would be something hearty and cheesy, but still with plenty of fresh veggies. Basically – this Mexican bean and potato bake. It’s exactly the sort of thing I love. POTATO BAKE CAN BE A BALANCED MEAL!I absolutely love a good potato bake, but I generally think of it as a side dish, rather than a main course. Think of something like potato dauphinoise – wonderfully delicious, but not exactly packed with nutrition. You definitely need to serve something else alongside it to make a full meal (assuming someone else is watching… if you’re alone, I say go for it…). This Mexican bean and potato bake, on the other hand, is unquestionably a meal in its own right. It’s got carbs, protein, and plenty of fresh veggies, all cooked up in one big pan – easy, fuss-free, and delicious! ROASTED POTATOES